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Copeman Unlocks Formula for Excellent Health Outcomes

Copeman Unlocks Formula for Excellent Health Outcomes

Imagine your very own dedicated healthcare team working with you to find ways to optimize your health. Now imagine that same team taking it one step further and collaborating together, looking for ways to maximize disease prevention, facilitate early detection and execute timely interventions. It is exactly this type of collaboration that has become the hallmark of Copeman Healthcare.
“There is nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes from having several different care professionals working together on your chart,” says Chris Nedelmann, CEO of Copeman Healthcare, “In addition to collaboration, our model also strongly emphasizes unhurried, on-time visits and outstanding customer service.”
In the Copeman model, the care of a physician is integrated with teams of registered dietitians, kinesiologists, family health nurses, diagnostic staff and other professionals as required.
“It is this combination of providing adequate time, delivering care through a multi-professional team and looking at physical, psychological and cognitive indicators that produces the best health outcomes,” says Nedelmann.
Dr-Peter-House-Corporate-Medical-OfficerRegular baseline assessments track subtle changes in health and assist with early detection. By catching things early teams can respond immediately when treatment is most effective. Services are tailored to the unique needs of clients allowing for a truly integrated approach to health management and disease prevention. Clients typically choose between the ongoing care program called LifePlus or an annual Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA). In either case, clients receive an annual head-to-toe assessment that examines a multitude of health risk factors. A personalized prevention plan is then developed for the client with suggestions for mitigating their own specific risks.
Families are invited to enrol their children in Copeman Kids, a unique program that offers same-day visits, age-appropriate health screening and developmental assessments to evaluate speech and language development. Copeman Healthcare also provides services for organizations and corporations. Health plans are designed to drive optimum workplace wellness and ensure executives and highly valued employees are operating at peak performance. As part of its corporate services, Copeman Healthcare can perform health audits and provide aggregate, anonymous data on the state of the organization’s health. Central to all services is the concept of wellness coaching – providing ongoing support and guidance for optimizing nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health. Whatever your needs, let Copeman Healthcare design a program that is right for you.

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