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Over 65? Top 3 vaccinations you need to get now

Posted in Health & Wellbeing, Healthcare, Private Healthcare, Profile

Vaccinations are a reliable and cost-effective method to prevent common illnesses that are prevalent in adults over the age of 65.

Aging negatively impacts the immune system and its ability to function. With this decline in immune system function, disease recovery can be longer or incomplete leading to hospitalization and complications.

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Copeman Unlocks Formula for Excellent Health Outcomes

Posted in Health & Wellbeing, Healthcare, Private Healthcare, Profile

Imagine your very own dedicated healthcare team working with you to find ways to optimize your health. Now imagine that same team taking...

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Don’t Delay, Know Your Risks Today

Posted in Healthcare, Private Healthcare, Profile, Women's Health

“Women visit their physician more often than men and participate in screening programs with greater frequency,” says Dr. Beth Donaldson, Medical Director at Copeman Healthcare. “In some cases they see their care provider three to four times more often than their male counterparts.”

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Executive Health Programs Top List of Benefits for Star Performers

Posted in Healthcare, Private Healthcare, Profile

“Organizations now recognize that it is worth a little extra investment to help their executives overcome lifestyle challenges that are increasing their health risks, and provide fast, expert care when a medical problem surfaces”

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