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Connoisseur's Choice in Luxury Living

Pachamama Alliance

Posted in Experiental Learning, FEATURED, Profile, Sustainability, Travel

An Invitation from the Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest
Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all. Pachamama Alliance offers Journeys that are purposeful, transformative, travel immersions that go well beyond traditional eco-tourism or adventure travel. 20 years of experience working with five indigenous groups in the Ecuadorian Amazon to protect their land and culture from oil development. These groups, our indigenous partners, have invited us to visit and learn from them so that we may carry their wisdom and message home. Journey with us to step away from the familiar and immerse yourself in an expansive new way of seeing the world.

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Top 10 Luxury Vehicles

Posted in Cars, Boats & Jets, FEATURED, Lifestyle, Luxury Rides, Recreation

The holiday season is upon us once more, which means it’s time to put together one’s Christmas wish list. To help you with said list, I have for you my top ten luxury vehicles. These ten modes of transportation are rolling, functional, works of art that stimulate the senses and raise the pulses of all who see and hear them.

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Uncork Cool Climate Flavour

Posted in FEATURED, Luxury Libations, Wine, Beer & Spirits

Every wine region hopes to have wines that stand out and get recognized for defining what they do best. In Nova Scotia, our wines have consistently been known for their fresh, crisp and bright style.

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Nova Scotia Joy Ride

Posted in FEATURED, Travel, Travel & Resorts

Having been born in Halifax, given the opportunity to return was truly a treat — and how it had changed. When I was young, the port was just that; a merchant and naval port, not a tourist destination. Now there are board walks by the water lined with many businesses existing solely to cater to tourists. It’s a pleasure to wander along.

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Iceland 2016 Experiential Leadership Workshop

Posted in Experiental Learning, FEATURED, Travel

Bucketlist Travel with Like-Minded Individuals
AND Create New Possibilities!

Generate Yourself as an Inspirational Leader
Create other Sourceful Leaders & Sourceful Teams
Cause New Possibilities, Realities & Inspired Actions in Others

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Fit for Adventure

Posted in FEATURED, Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Travel, Vacations, Weekend Getaways

Fit for Adventure: CMH Summer Adventures By Linda Mallard Imagine… Flying by helicopter into the heart of ancient glaciers,...

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Pisco, The Spirit of Peru

Posted in FEATURED, Travel, Travel & Resorts, Vacations, Wine, Beer & Spirits

Pisco, The Spirit of Peru Story by Terry Tremaine Photos by Connie Ekelund After having removed Machu Pichu from our bucket list we headed...

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Kaua’i – The Island of Discovery

Posted in FEATURED, Travel & Resorts

“The island must be one of the last places where it is possible to visit and just wind down in a tropical setting of gorgeous beauty, without having to forsake any creature comforts.”

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Luxury Lifestyle Automobiles

Posted in FEATURED, Luxury Rides

“The Panamera is a delight to drive and visits to petrol stations are blessedly less frequent than they would be with any comparable car.”

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400 Hundred Pencils

Posted in Culture, FEATURED

“Pack for a Purpose’s motto is “Small space, little effort, big impact.” Before your next trip, I would encourage you to spend time exploring our website to see how easy it is to positively influence a community near your destination. Pack for a Purpose gives travelers a way to add value to their vacation, making sure the trip they take goes much farther than the miles they travel! “

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