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How to Protect Wealth in Volatile Times

Posted in Money & Finances, Portfolio, Wealth, Wealth Management

This year has been a difficult one for Canadian investors. The TSX Composite index is down almost five percent for the year, one of the worst performances among developed markets.

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Locate assets, remove clutter, add value and be moneywise

Posted in Money & Finances, Wealth Management

Locate assets, remove clutter,  add value and be moneywise By Adrian Mastracci, Portfolio Manager, KCM Wealth Management Inc. There are...

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350 Kilometres of Steel and Rubber

Posted in Investments, Money & Finances, Wealth

Northwest Transmission Line By Peter Clausi The best mining story in the world right now is not a mine. It’s not a new find setting off a...

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Talking To Our Kids About Money

Posted in Money & Finances, Profile

“When the conversations get tough, listen first and then speak,” says Cunningham, a communication expert with Landmark, a global personal and professional growth, training and development firm. “Listening is often much more powerful than what you say.”

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