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Bringing Fashion To The Fort

Posted in Fashion, Profile, Style

Bagheera Boutique Langley

“We make sure every women gets personalized customer service and advice, and receives the utmost attention, without any pressure. This is something that is hard to get in downtown Vancouver.”

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The Seychelles – Another World

Posted in FEATURED, Travel & Resorts

The very picturesque Seychelles Islands can readily be described as truly unique in the world. Lying some 1,600 kilometers off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, the archipelago is made up of 115 islands.

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Hong Kong and Sichuan

Posted in FEATURED, Travel & Resorts

“Quality is not hard to find and a trip to Hong Kong can easily turn into a gourmet’s delight.”

“It’s a big country with an amazing number of people who share a very old and rich culture. As the country grows to command an impressive spot on the world stage, it is also encouraging tourism.”

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Fiji – Where Happiness Finds You

Posted in FEATURED, Travel, Travel & Resorts

When returning to Fiji, it’s hearing the pleasant sound of ‘bula’, a greeting meaning welcome, which reminds visitors of what a friendly people the Fijians are. The enthusiasm with which they greet visitors and each other sets a unique warm tone for this lush group of south Pacific islands.

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Beautiful China

Posted in FEATURED, Travel, Travel & Resorts

Beautiful China Beijing, Shanxi and Shanghai By Terry Tremaine Photos by Connie Ekelund A visa is required to visit China and certainly...

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Surfing canyons of LA in a Ferrari California T

Posted in FEATURED, Luxury Rides

Driving the California T on the streets and highways of Los Angeles demonstrated to me once again that the each generation of the Ferrari California is a Ferrari that can and should be used every day.

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Over 65? Top 3 vaccinations you need to get now

Posted in Health & Wellbeing, Healthcare, Private Healthcare, Profile

Vaccinations are a reliable and cost-effective method to prevent common illnesses that are prevalent in adults over the age of 65.

Aging negatively impacts the immune system and its ability to function. With this decline in immune system function, disease recovery can be longer or incomplete leading to hospitalization and complications.

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Iceland 2016 Experiential Leadership Workshop

Posted in Experiental Learning, FEATURED, Travel

Bucketlist Travel with Like-Minded Individuals
AND Create New Possibilities!

Generate Yourself as an Inspirational Leader
Create other Sourceful Leaders & Sourceful Teams
Cause New Possibilities, Realities & Inspired Actions in Others

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Mating in Captivity

Posted in Culture

Mating in Captivity By Esther Perele There is nothing mysterious when two people in a couple cannot stand one another, and are not having...

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1113 Parkbluff Lane, Kelowna, BC

Posted in Profile, Real Estate

1113 Parkbluff Lane, Kelowna, BC The  Jane Hoffman Group Truly one of the signature properties in the Okanagan, this home offers a...

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